Forest King Vizslas

Cava on point during training

Forest King Twisted Sister JH

AKC#: SS13867807

Sire: Forest King Stealth Bomber Covert Mission JH (Conlan)

Dam: Forest King Tornado Alley JH (Allie)

Hips: VZ-17300E32F-C-VPI (Excellent)

Elbows: VZ-EL3959F32-C-VPI (Normal)

Eyes: VZ-EYE1708/32F-VPI (Normal)

Cardiac: VZ-BCA236/32F/C-VPI (Normal)

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Cava, practicing her retrieve, she loved it!

Cavatappi after finishing her JH title, trained and handled by Kalyn! 

Cava and Ravioli are sisters, Cava looks a lot like her dad, Conlan and I mistake the two sometimes in the house if they go by quickly.  She has a lot of bone and is more the bull in the China shop type girl at 50+ pounds. She is overall a very mellow girl and a big mush who loves to cuddle.  Cava whelped a small, but adorable litter of 3 on July 11, 2022, all puppies are sold.

Allie, Ravioli and Cava