Allie, Ravioli and Cava

Forest King Twisted Sister

AKC#: SS13867807

Sire: Forest King Stealth Bomber Covert Mission JH (Conlan)

Dam: Forest King Tornado Alley JH (Allie)

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Cavatappi (L) after a run in the woods

Forest King Vizslas

Cava and her "Mom", Kalyn

Cava and Ravioli are sisters, Cava looks a lot like her dad, Conlan and I mistake the two sometimes in the house if they go by quickly.  She has a lot of bone and is more the bull in the China shop type girl at 50+ pounds. She is overall a very mellow girl and a big mush who loves to cuddle.  Like her sister, she is as sweet as they come!  Hopefully when Covid-19 is mostly behind us, we will be able to get Cava out to work towards her first field title.